Contacting Chuck

Primary Email:

If you have any questions or comments for me (Chuck Willis), you can email me at:

chuck (at) securityfoundry (dot) com


I work as a Security Consultant for MANDIANT.  If you are in need of any sort of security consulting, computer forensics, incident response, or training services, please check out our website at or you can email me directly at chuck.willis (at) mandiant (dot) com.  

Alternative Email Addresses:

Below are some other email addresses that I use or have used in the past.  These are included in case someone is trying to track me down from a mailing list or newsgroup posting I have made.

Still active:
  • chuck (at) securityfoundry (dot) com - my preferred address
  • chuck.willis (at) mandiant (dot) com - my work address
  • chuck.lists (at) gmail (dot) com - the email address I currently use on mailing lists
No longer active (do not email these addresses):
Sorry that the addresses above are not links and that the active email addresses are spelled out.  I am trying to keep the spam I get to a manageable level.